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James Dean
Institute of IT Trainers - Freelance Trainer of the Year 2006 & 2009
Liverpool Business Connect Member
  Maximum Impact Solutions Limited - Reporting Solutions, Creating Answers
Reporting Solutions - Creating Answers, Crystal Reports, Dashboarding (Xcelsius) & SQL Reporting Services

Crystal Reports 2011 - Advanced

2 days

This course is designed to give delegates comprehensive skills and in-depth knowledge to plan and create reports that will help in the analysis and interpretion of business information.

As a business benefit, delegates will be able to increase their understanding of formulas, variables, arrays, templates, parameters, summaries, and sections.

This course will also help delegates make more effective report design decisions and create more efficient reports.

Course Pre-requisites:
Delegates, must have completed a Crystal Reports introduction course, or be able to create from scratch, formatted basic list and grouped reports, containing simple formulas.

Review of Introductory Topics
Using Multiple Tables & Linking
Selecting Data
Creating Grouped and Summary Reports
Creating Basic Formulas

Creating Running Totals
Overview of Running Totals
Using the Running Totals Expert
Creating Manual Running Totals
Overview of Crystal Reports Pass System
Overview of Variables
Using Variables in Formulas

Working with Parameters
Overview of Using Parameters in Reports
Creating a Static parameter
Creating Dynamic Parameters
Creating Cascade Dynamic Paramete
Create a TopN Parameter Report
Using parameters with Conditional Formatting
Using parameters to Sort Records

Working with Multiple Sections
Creating Multiple Report Sections
Formatting Sections
Creating Watermark Reports
Using Drill Down Formulas

Working with Cross Tabs
Overview of Cross Tabs
Creating Cross Tab Reports
Formatting Cross Tabs
Modifying Cross Tabs
Adding Formulas to Cross Tabs
Creating Multi-Level Cross Tabs
Creating Grouped Cross Tabs
Applying Conditional Formatting to Cross Tabs

Working with Sub Reports
Overview of Sub Reports
Creating Linked Sub Reports
Creating Unlinked Sub Reports
Sharing Data between the Main and Sub Report
Creating On-demand Sub Reports

Improving Report Processing using SQL
Creating SQL Expressions
Overview of SQL clauses
Creating SQL Commands
Editing & Renaming SQL Commands
Creating SQL Joins
Creating SQL Summary data set
Creating Top N SQL Dataset

Working with Alerts
Overview of Report Alerts
Creating Report Alerts
Modifying Reports Alerts
Using Parameters with Alerts
Deactivating Report Alerts

Report Templates
Overview of Crystal Report Templates
Applying Built-in Crystal Report Templates
Removing Report Templates
Creating a Data Less Report Template

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